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The Temple of Worth

Prince Allador has just opened the door into the Temple of Worth .  As they enter the find a large stone room with doors on each wall.  Well except for the door the group just shattered!  In the center of the room rests a raised dias with a stone tablet on top with something written on it.  Thorin seems to get a little queasy just being in the room.  Noting that this is not a natural cave, nor was it created by man.  The geometry was simply off..  But Thorin couldn't quite put his finger on it!  Directly across from the entrance likes a door with a black stone door frame.  The door itself has two dragons on the doors facing each other.  One Red Dragon, one Blue Dragon.  The doors on either side of the room have Red and Blue archways respectively.  Ryder Stormwind steps up to read the tablet on the Dias.  It says:

The path ahead is only for those worthy to make the trek. To continue you must prove your worth and acquire the eyes of the dragons.

After a quick discussion the group decides it is best to leave this place.  But when they turn around they find the door Allador had destroyed was back, and they were trapped!  With no way to go but forward, the group decides to try the Red door first!

The Trial of Fire!

Stepping through the door the first thing that assulted the group was the smell.  Sulfer and burning entered their nostrals, as well as sweat that began to soak their clothes and heat their armor.  What lie in front of them was something out of a childhood nightmare.  Lava!  Lava stretched across the floor of the room, interspersed with floating rock formations like lilypads on a pond.  Well a pond that would cook you to a crisp!  At the far end of the room past 10 or so "pads" like another platform, this one holding a stone statue.  The statue had a shield raised up high, but on closer inspection, the shield was not made of stone like the rest of the statue…And it had an inscription on it, but it was too far away to read.  In the statues other hand was an hourglass.  And as the last of the party entered the room, the door behind them slammed shut and the statue rotated the hourglass, and the sand began to drop.  At the same time Lava burst from the walls and started pouring into the room!  The test had begun!

Not able to stand the heat in his armor Allador quickly removed his armor before beginning the trek across the lava field!  The group moved quickly with Denny Lightfoot and Allador taking a quick lead!  However Ryder was not so lucky, the poor wizard seemed to not have luck on his side, as he landed on a platform, lava coated hands came rising up from the depths and pulled flaming goblins up on his platform! "Wiiizzzzzaaaaarrrrrrdddddd" they called out to him, walking slowly toward him!  Calling upon his mystic powers Ryder used the stone on the platform as tendrils and coils and bound the goblins to the platform, as he leaped away to the next platform in a desperate attempt to escape!  No sooner did he land on the next platform did his previous platform crumble and sink back into the lava!  A new found fear fell into everyone's belly….if these platforms vanish, there would be no way to get back to the door to leave!  The next few minutes were more of the same, the group bounding from platform to platfrom, until both Allador and Denny stood before the stone statue and shield.  Deeper investigation shows teh following:  The shield held by the statue is a large Kite shield strapped to the statues left arm. The shield has an empty scabbard(sheath) on the back of it, that looks like it would hold a sword.  The statues left fist is closed.  The right arm is extended holding the hourglass, and the time is running out!!!! Allador reads the inscription on the shield as it says:

Everything of value is guarded by a lock.  For every lock there is always a key.  The key you seek is guarded by a lock.  But this lock you already hold the key.

While Allador questions the meaning of the riddle Denny looks at the sands falling from the hourglass…only a few more grains left!!!!  The Half Folk Monk screams at the Knight.  "Allador, it is your sword, put it in the sheath!  You are the only one worthy to do it!!!"  Allador snapping out of his thought follows his friends plea and puts his sword in the sheath in the shield.  A few things happen!  First the inscriptions on the shield morph and change into the Coat of Arms of Prince Allador!  Second the shield shrinks and rotates becoming a small bracer that can fit on his arm.  The straps come loose and the shield, sword and all fall into Allador's hands!  At the same time the hand on the statue opens dropping a huge Ruby to the floor!  Denny quickly picks it up and slips it into a pouch.  In addition the Lava that was once pouring into the room stops, and the door the group entered in, opens back up with a groan!  Now the group needs to only leap back across the platforms to get back to safety!  But luck was not in their favor!  While Thorin makes it back rather quickly, poor Ryder seems to be a beacon for the lava goblins!  wave after wave come after the poor wizard, while he flings spell after spell at the creatures in a desparate battle to escape!  Only a couple of platforms away however his luck runs out!  His magic is tapped. Fatigued and tired the poor wizard has nothing left to defend himself but his staff….his wooden staff!  From across the room there is a bellowing challenge!  Krieger comes bounding across the platforms skipping across them as if it were a cobblestone path!  Drawing forth his mighty Trident his skewers one of the goblins and sends him off into the lava!  Thorin relying on his trusty crossbow fires a bolt that strikes true sending the remaining goblin off the ledge!  Krieger quickly continues his bounds and finds himself safely back at the door with Denny and Thorin.  Only the Prince and the Wizard are left on the platforms, and they are making their way back!   But once again the wizard seems to stir the evil forces under the lava and more lava goblins climb from the depths!  This time the Prince is the hero following Kriegers lead the Prince sprints across the platforms and leaps into one of the fire goblins slamming his shield into the creature, hitting it so hard that it flies across the platform sending the other goblin back into the lava as well!  Then Krieger using his trident scoops up the wizard and carries him over to the safety of the platform!  And moments later the Prince joins his group as the platform his was just on crumbles into the lava!

Entering back into the main room, Denny quickly goes and places the Ruby into the eye of the Red Dragon.  Instantly the mouth of the dragon opens and red mystical fire comes forth.  The first half of the challenge is complete!  The group turns toward the Blue door…..

The Trail of Ice!

Upon opening the Blue door, the group see a lush green forest, with a winding path that leads to a large rickety bridge that crosses a raging river.  At the far side of the path they can see a large Blue orb sitting a top a pedestal. As the party enter the room, lightning strikes the blue orb and there is a large flash and suddenly the forest is covered in snow!  The River has been frozen over, and there is frost covering some rather large spider webs!  THe webs themselves seem to stretch anywhere from 8-20 feet across and the individual web threads are as thick as twine!  Thorin immediately tells the rest of the party they must be quiet and not awake what must be giant spiders!  The group agrees and begin to make the trek to the bridge.  Moving through the snow and cold is very hard!  As almost the polar opposite (see what I did there! ) the more armor you are wearing the more protected from the cold you seem to be.  The group successfully sneak up to the bridge, and begin to cross, they decide to go single file, and upon reaching the center of the bridge, trolls come crawling out from underneath the bridge!!!  Standing 12 foot tall with rubbery skin, yellow fangs, and obnoxious British accents, the trolls demand of the group: "You have stepped on our bridge, and you must pay the toll"  Looking around they lock eyes on the little half folk monk. "Yum, he looks like quite the tasty morsel.  Give us your little one and we will allow you to cross our bridge."  Both Krieger and the Prince agree with the Trolls adding that they would love to join the Trolls in their feast!  The Trolls agree but say they will also need Thorin to eat since Denny wouldn't be enough to feed everyone!  Krieger and the Prince pretend to tie up both Denny and Thorin and bring them to the Trolls across the bridge.  As they get close enough the group pounces!  Ryder whirls around and launches a fireball into one of the trolls turning him to ash.  the Prince tosses Thorin his mystic Crossbow, and the runes glow to life sending 3 bolts of flame crashing into the remaining Trolls!  One go down leaving 2 remaining!  Krieger steps forward to one of the remaining Trolls and with a crashing arc of his axe cleaves the creature from head to toe!  Meanwhile the Prince brandishes his shield and charges forward slamming into the last troll sending him toppling down off the bridge!  He crashes through the ice to the raging river below and you hear a gurgling howl of anger as he is rushed away!  While looking at the hole the Troll made in the ice, the group can see faint blue light coming from upriver under the ice!  Ryder makes his way to the glowing Orb at the end of the path.  It is covered in mystic symbols and has more working on the pillar.  Ryder first reads the incantation on the orb, and Lightning once again strikes the orb but then the energy is transferred to Ryder replenishing some of his lost mystical strength!  Reading the pillar  the group is presented with the following Riddle:

The key in which you seek is not guarded by a Golem, but instead by Poseidon, ruler of the sea.  But you must hurry as now my brothers are free!

As the riddle is finished you hear a loud "BAAAAAAAAA" in the distance.  From out of the frozen forest, 6ft tall creates with the head, fur and horns of a goat come rushing towards the bridge battle crys of "BAAAAAAAA"…..the Gruffs, the Billy Goats Gruff are coming!  


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