Kids Savage Fantasy

Where is our gold?

Prince Allador has just been given his Birthday present!  Time to step up and be a Noble!  Go out and find out why our Gold shipment hasn't arrived from Farndale  in over 3 weeks! Of course Allador first must use his birthday wish to free his childhood friend Thorin from jail, as he was caught breaking into houses and damaging equipment bought at the new blacksmith's shop.

Allador brings his closest companions Krieger, Denny Lightfoot, Ryder Stormwind, and Thorin to investigate.  Thorin brings his fathers repair cart with it's toolbox which also works to transport the rest of the group.  As they travel toward Farndale, they see a broken and damaged cart up ahead.  It looks like it could be the cart that brings the gold to the city!  While the group argues about how to approach the situation, goblins pop up from the cart and attack!  The group responds in kind, with Thorin sending an bolt through the head of one, and Ryder turning one to ash with his fireball!

As the goblins scream the forest erupts with activity! More goblins and even a few Orcs spring from the bushes!  It's an ambush!  Denny quickly rushes forward and is surrounded!  Sir Allador charges forward on his steed and manages to lay the goblins attacking Denny to rest!  Krieger cuts through two orcs like they were warm butter, but not before one of them lands a blow with his axe cutting deep into Krieger's shoulder!  Krieger roars in rage, and charges toward the next threat creeping toward Thorin!  The Half-Orcs luck runs out however, as he is struck by the Enemy Orc!  A large snapping sound can be heard from Kriegers leg as he sheiks in pain and falls to the ground whimpering!  Denny hearing the scream and newly freed of attackers thanks to the Prince, rushes to Kriegers aid, laying his hands on the wound and chanting a quick chant of healing.  Denny's hands illuminate a soft blue light and Krieger's wounds begin to close up!

The rest of the combat is over quickly, Ryder hurls multiple fireballs turning orc and goblin to ash alike!  

After the combat is over the group inspects the cart.  Thorin quickly goes to work to repair the cart and use one of his draft horses to pull it.  Meanwhile Krieger notices tracks going from the cart.  It looks like goblin and orc tracks, as well as drag marks.  The look to be made by something heavy (perhaps  a chest of gold) as well as human sized boot marks.  

The group decide to sneak through the forest following the trail.  Prince Allador not wishing to leave his trusty steed behind, navigates the difficult terrain with his horse.  Being the equestrian he is, this proves to be no challenge.  As they reach the end of the forest line they find a small village tucked into an alcove of rock against the mountain.  The cliffs encircle 3/4s of the village with cliff faces 150 ft tall!  across the village lies a moat with some hungry looking crocs.  Above it about 75 feet up is a bridge built across the cliff with a large throne built upon it.  A large Giant sits in the throne with ropes dangling the human soldiers and dwarven miners  off the bridge!

Allador seeing his childhood enemy the Giant!  The one that was beating Krieger. Decides action is his ally!  He leaps forward with his steed and charges forward issuing a challenge to the giant!  Orcs and goblins come pouring out of the huts, but Allador is already moving!  Leveling his lance he skewers the first of the goblins, vaults his steed over the firepit and has his steed trample the poor goblin waiting on the other side!  The rest of the party rush forward to aid the prince, save for Thorin who opts to stay back hurling bolts from his crossbow into the melee.

Krieger seeing that the group is outmatched draws out his battle horn.  Used to summon soldiers to the princes' aid.  A loud trumpeting sound erupts from the horn and inspires the human guards tied to the bridge.  They manage to break free of their bonds and drop to the ground to come to the aid of the prince!

The Giant seeing this laughs at the Prince and his motley crew and picks up a huge boulder and hurls it at Allador and his men!  Allador nimbly reins his horse out of the way but unfortunately 2 of his soldiers are smashed to the ground! The soldiers and the men easily take out the orcs and goblins enraging the Giant!  He screams a curse and leaps down to attack the prince!  Allador however is ready and slices into the giant with his trusty longsword!  The blade strikes true and brings the giant to his knees.  Another series of blows from Allador snicker-snack, leave the Giants body on the ground.

With combat over the group searches the grounds and find some magical items.  Thorin uses his newly found shovel of burrowing to scamper up the mountain and save the dwarves still hanging from the bridge.  The rest of the crew help escort everyone back to the carts and take them back to the village of Farndale.


Arriving in Farndale the leader of the Merchants guild thanks the group for saving his men from the Giant and his brigands.  But has another issue the Prince needs to look into….During mining the dwarves have found some ancient looking doors with mystical markings on them.  The Dwarves don't dare go near the door, as they don't wish to bring upon any curse to the land.

Allador and team decide to investigate.  Ryder examines the symbols and finds that it says "Only the worthy shall pass".  They also notice that the door is sealed not by magical means but mechanical.  Although it does seem to be charged with some sort of magical energy….  Thorin steps up with his toolbox and attempts to pick the lock.  It is a complicated lock with many gears, tumblers, and pins to navigate.  Thorin while being a skilled thief had never had to deal with such a complicated lock, and the price was met!  After failing to lock a pin in place, the mystic symbols ignited and send a burst of force at the group.  All but Denny were knocked from their feet, most of them in a daze.  Thorin shaking his head looks back up at the door as it actually laughs at him!!!!  Thorin sneers as he digs his heels in and steps up to get past the door again!  And again Thorin's inexperience proved troublesome the symbols began to glow again, but this time Allador was prepared, he leaped in front of the group bracing himself with his shield held forth to protect his companions!  The force slammed into his shield but the prince held his ground!  The impact shattered the shield into splinters!  But not before sending the same force back at the door!  with a groan and a snap of gears  the door swings open….

And that is where the session ends! 




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